EX3 propeller for SALOMIX™ agitators

Boost your agitation performance with Sulzer high-efficiency EX3 propeller.


Sulzer's new high-efficiency EX3 propeller exceeds the current SALOMIX™ MX4 propeller in both efficiency and thrust. With a smart retrofit system, the EX3 propeller can replace MX4 propellers on SALOMIX™ side-entry agitators. The great advantages of the energy-efficient hydraulics can be utilized both in upgrades of existing installations and in new equipment.

Main benefits

  • Exceeds the SALOMIX™ MX4 propeller in both efficiency and thrust 
  • Energy savings up to 20% compared to the MX4 propeller, depending on the application 
  • High pumping capacity with axial flow 
  • Adjustable blade angles to reduce energy input – or to increase capacity 
  • Smooth operation with low vibrations due to efficient propeller design 
  • Easy to install and order

Main applications

  • clean and lightly contaminated liquids 
  • fibrous slurries 
  • viscous liquids

Main design features

  • New high-efficiency EX3 propeller (patent pending) 
  • Due to adjustable blade angles, the adapter can be used in two ways, just by changing the angle: 
    • The same agitation level as with the MX4, but lower power consumption 
    • Higher agitation level with the same motor size 
    • All blade angles are available for both new deliveries and retrofits

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