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Sulzer Mixpac is proud of being the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of metering, mixing, and dispensing systems for reactive multicomponent dental material. We are constantly optimizing our systems in line with customer requirements to maintain our outstanding market and technology position. Please find an overview of our latest products here.


MIXPAC™ 1CC SYRINGE- 360° Comfort

The Sulzer Mixpac 1CC SYRINGE is suitable for hygienic singleuse applications or multiple use of e.g. flowable composites. Due to the international standardized luer lock closure, different dispensing tips can be applied easily. The 1CC SYRINGE is available in black, white and transparent.


MIXPAC™ S-DISPENSER II - Designed for your hands only

The new MIXPAC™ dispenser with its aesthetic-elegant design is a precise and easy-to-use instrument which makes it a self-explanatory article of daily use.

The MIXPAC™ S-DISPENSER II stands for:

  • Elegant, innovative Design
  • Medical look-and-feel
  • Optimal results in functional and aesthetic aspects 
  •  Simplified workflow
  • Outstanding ergonomics
  • Self explaining and fatigue-free handling
  • Various customizing options


MIXPAC™ T-MIXER – Why waste more than 25% of material!

Revolutionary improvement of the well-established MIXPAC™ dental mixers to the advantage of the user.

The new mixing technology provides less material waste and consistently high mixing quality. The changeover to the new T-MIXER is easy to implement: 100 % compatibility with the existing MIXPAC™ systems is guaranteed – as before, all original accessories fit.

The MIXPAC T-MIXER was rated “excellent” by The Dental Advisor:

  • 67% of consultants found the mixer to be better than conventional 2-K dental mixers
  • 83% would change immediately to the new MIXPAC T-MIXER
  • 87% would recommend the new MIXPAC T-MIXER to a colleague


MIXPAC COLIBRI™ Mixer with Needle

This product features mixers of the MIXPAC™ L- and S-systems combined with a needle made of medical steel for endodontic application of two-component dental material. The bendable, turnable needle simplifies intraoral works and saves time. The rounded needle reduces the risk of iatrogenic injuries.

Your benefits

  • A rounded needle made from medical stainless steel
  • A freely bendable and rotating needle with a constant inner diameter
  • Hygienic sterilizable individual packaging
  • There is no risk of the needle falling into the patient's mouth
  • Assembly of intraoral syringes is no longer necessary

Mixer with needle - Quick, safe and precise application

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