Disc Diffuser System Type ABS

The reliable disk diffuser system is one of the world’s most widely-installed fine-bubble aeration systems, available in five alternative diffuser models. Preassembled diffuser elements enable fast and easy installation. Retrofits are available to increase aeration efficiency.


The disk diffuser system builds up piping, pipe connectors, and diffusers. Mechanical connectors as well as factory preassembled elements enable fast and easy installation and maintenance. Five alternative diffuser models are available, either with a rubber membrane or a porous polymer disk.

Diffusers with rubber membrane disks:

PIK300 fine-bubble

  • Polypropylene main body and an antifriction ring to protect the membrane
  • Suitable for both continuous and non-continuous aeration processes

PRK300 fine-bubble

  • Strong main body, making it suitable for SBR, MBR, and MBBR processes
  • Antifriction ring protects the membrane
  • PRF300 retrofit for upgrading 215 mm diffusers to more efficient systems

KKI215 fine-bubble

  • Suitable for both continuous and non-continuous aeration processes
  • Special support for use in deep basin applications, in water up to 15 m deep

The KKI215, and PRK/PRF300 diffusers are interchangeable for retrofits, offering high flexibility. All diffusers have a built-in non-return valve which provides additional safety to the treatment process by preventing sludge infiltration into the aeration piping system when the air flow is interrupted.

Main benefits

  • Reliable and long-lasting
  • Guaranteed lower pressure drops and therefore higher efficiency
  • Possibility of future increase in aeration capacity
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Flexible layout design
  • High temperature endurance
  • Recyclable materials used
  • Suitable for aggressive wastewater

Main applications

  • Aeration of municipal wastewater
  • Aeration of industrial wastewater

Key characteristics

Diffuser diameter:

PIK300, PRK300: 336 mm
KKI215, 215 mm

Membrane surface area:

KKI: 0.025 m²
PIK,PRK: 0.060 m²

Operating range:

PIK300, PRK300; 1.5–8 m³/h h (+20°C; 1 013 mbar)
KKI215: 0.5–4 m³/h h (+20°C; 1 013 mbar)

Max. operating temperature:

PIK300: 100°C
PRK300, KKI215: 80°C

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