Flow Booster Type ABS SB

The reliable, energy efficient low-speed submersible unit can be used in a wide range of applications in wastewater treatment plants. This is Sulzer’s standard range of low-speed mixers; economical without compromising on the reliable design.


  • This slow-speed submersible unit is available with integral motors ranging from 1.4 to 4.5 kW (1.9 to 6 hp) for gentle circulation and mixing of fluids in treatment plants and industrial applications
  • The SB features propeller blades and excellent self-cleaning properties, ensuring optimum operation with low energy input especially when used for denitrification and phosphate elimination
  • The unit is connected to a concrete pedestal by an innovative coupling system which allows the unit to be raised and lowered for inspection even in filled tanks. The pedestal absorbs all dangerous vibrations, thus giving a long service life both for the machine and the installation

Main benefits

  • Robust compact design
  • Can be used in tanks of all shapes
  • Hydrodynamic shape for optimum flow formation
  • Drive unit optimized for mixing application
  • Long operating life

Main applications

  • Suspension of activated sludge
  • Flow generation in oxidation ditches
  • Suitable for MBBR process (SB KA) 

Main design features

  • Patented mixer coupling system
  • Energy-saving, self-cleaning propeller
  • Silicon carbide mechanical seal protected by a solids deflection ring
  • Condition monitoring (temperature, water ingress)
  • 100 000 h bearing lifetime

Key characteristics

Propeller diameter
900mm (3ft) to 2,500 mm (8.2 ft)
Maximum mixing flow
14,000 m³/h (62,000 US gpm)
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