AGISTAR™ SSA Side-Mounted Agitators —
Efficiency by Design

With the AGISTAR™ SSA side-mounted agitator, Sulzer has taken yet another important step to reduce industry’s impact on the environment.


The AGISTAR™ SSA agitator has been designed to provide efficient performance in demanding operations, including pulp and paper applications, the biofuel and food industries, and wastewater treatment. New innovations, such as the groundbreaking hydraulics, decrease power consumption in agitator applications. That makes the agitator more environmentally-friendly, while also significantly minimizing your total cost of ownership.

Superior, cost-effective design

The new AGISTAR™ SSA agitator is a product of Sulzer’s in-depth expertise and our long-standing experience in mixing technology, which allow us to maximize the value for our customers. Here are just some of the key benefits: 

  • High-efficiency hydraulics that provide substantial savings in power consumption
  • Adjustable blade angles that allow for performance flexibility without additional investments
  • Strong bearings with a performance lifetime of more than 200,000 hours 
  • Sturdy, high-strength shaft that provides maximum reliability with minimum deflection 
  • Duplex stainless steel propeller with high strength and wear properties to ensure longer lifetime 
  • Robust and reliable belt drive unit that is also easy to modify if operating speed needs to be adjusted 
  • An innovative design that enables fast and easy installation and reduces spare part consumption over equipment lifetime

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