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Investor Relations

Sulzer Investor Relations engages in an open and transparent dialogue with the financial community, namely investors, analysts and other intermediaries of the community to provide accurate and comprehensive information on Sulzer’s performance and prospects.


The key objectives of our discussions with all relevant stakeholders are to create an adequate understanding of the company, to ensure a fair valuation of the Sulzer share, to minimize the cost of capital, and to reinforce Sulzer’s position and credibility in the financial markets. We see the discussions as an important way of not only sharing our own thoughts on a sustainable development of the company, but also to gather valuable feedback from our stakeholders.

Key reasons to invest in Sulzer:

  • Well balanced and managed portfolio
  • Strong positions in attractive end markets with high growth potential
  • Truly global network with over 150 production and service locations and well positioned in emerging markets
  • New innovative products and solutions for our customers
  • High service content
  • Sulzer is well positioned for sustainable long-term success

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