Sulzer provides Solutions for Domestic and Commercial Wastewater Applications

Domestic and Commercial Wastewater

Wastewater poses a complex challenge, no matter whether it originates in a single house or a multi-family home, a commercial building or an industrial complex. Whatever the property, Sulzer is the ideal wastewater partner from the start of the project to its final sign-off.


Sulzer has vast experience in the handling of domestic and commercial wastewater. We are dedicated to helping professionals design, select, install and service any type of wastewater system. At our disposal are all the solutions needed to keep a building running smoothly.

Our extensive range of products includes drainage pumps, sewage pumps with Contrablock and vortex hydraulics, and prefabricated lifting stations for both internal and external installation. These are the result of advanced R&D, built on an engineering heritage comprising over 100 years of pump design and installation.

In total, Sulzer expertise means reliable and efficient pumping with minimized operating costs. Our solutions come with everything you need, ensuring easy, plug-and-play installation with a minimum of time and set-up.

Processes and Applications

Main Products and Services for this Industry

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