Renewable Energy

Sulzer offers a wide range of products and services for the power generation from renewable energy sources, like solar and wind power. This way Sulzer helps to accelerate the progress in renewable energies.


Power of the sun

The global demand for power is continuously increasing, while traditional energy sources are becoming scarcer and environmental concerns are rising. Thermal solar power has great potential as a renewable and clean source of energy.

Sulzer holds leading positions for performance-critical components in thermal solar-power plants and offers a wide range of products and services for the solar-power industry.

Product and service portfolio for the solar-power industry

  • Comprehensive pumps portfolio and services that cover all major processes in thermal solar-power plants
  • Pumps to transport the oil that has been heated by sun rays reflected through parabolic mirrors
  • Pumps to move molten salt that is used as thermal storage and that can reach temperatures of up to 600 ºC

A powerful breeze

Wind power has considerable potential as a sustainable and clean source of energy. Global wind power production is expected to continue its upward growth, offering promising business opportunities for manufacturers and service providers.

  • With industry-leading electromechanical competence, Sulzer develops innovative solutions for repair and maintenance of the rotating electrical equipment in wind turbines.
  • The Sulzer field service teams conduct repair and maintenance of performance-critical parts, such as generators, gearboxes, and bearings.

To shorten downtime, the service teams also operate directly in the nacelle of wind power turbines at dizzying heights. Customers benefit from technology upgrades that improve the reliability of their wind turbines.

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