Reducing Downtime at a Water Utility

Winslow Township in New Jersey, USA, operates its own in-house water and sewer utility. The town sought relief from its clog-prone, unreliable pumps. Sulzer’s reliable submersible pumps and local service support solved the problems and enabled maintenance personnel to focus on other municipal maintenance issues.


Winslow Township is the largest town in Camden County, NJ, USA. The town runs its own in-house water and sewer utility. The pumps installed in the two pumps stations—Ivy Hall and Victoria Manor— often clogged and experienced reliability issues. Even partially clogged pumps greatly reduce energy efficiency. Customer callout time and overtime to service these stations was very high.

Sulzer supported Winslow Township in the upgrade and expansion of its municipal water and sewer system by supplying Ivy Hall and Victoria Manor with more reliable submersible ABS XFP pumps. These pumps handle the tough solids better than the competitor’s clog-prone pumps did. Moreover, the customer needed strong local service support and product technology from Sulzer to help solve its problem. To better service the market, Sulzer has invested by leveraging the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Easley, SC, for configuration and testing of submersible wastewater pumps.

The submersible sewage pumps with contrablock impeller were put into service at both of these stations in Winslow Township. The Sulzer pumps immediately solved the clogging issue and Winslow Township has not experienced a clogging issue with these pumps in over a year of service. Maintenance personnel have had more time to attend to other municipal maintenance issues aside from unclogging or servicing pumps.

Facts & Figures 


Hours per year of service overtime and USD 20 000 saved since installation of Sulzer’s reliable sewage pumps. The contrablock impeller technology solved the clogging problems at the water station in Winslow Township, NJ, USA.


Percentage of pumps from Winslow Township’s lift stations that have already been upgraded with pumps from Sulzer.

Residences that are now being serviced by pumps from Sulzer in the area of Winslow Township. The Sulzer facilities in Easley, SC, and Meriden, SC, are providing strong service and technical support to customers in this area.

Units of these types of pumps that are installed annually in the USA. These pumps are essential for keeping North America’s sanitary systems operating. This represents 65% of all installed pumps in the country.

“The Sulzer ABS XFP pumps have been performing exceptionally well without any problems at all. Their rag-handling ability has been exceptional, and our operators love them. We will definitely be adding more of these pumps to our system and would recommend them to others,” states the customer at Winslow Township, NJ, USA.

The state-of-the-art manufacturing site in Easley, SC, USA, offers a top-notch test facility for submersible wastewater pumps.

ABS XFP pumps provide reliable, economical pumping of heavily polluted sewage in commercial, industrial, and municipal applications.

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