Eco-Friendly Solutions

Sulzer’s solutions help to minimize environmental impact. The company’s innovative and efficient technologies reduce the carbon footprint of products, avoid environmental pollution, and allow the sustainable use of resources. These examples illustrate Sulzer’s eco-friendly solutions and show the diversity of sustainable technologies Sulzer provides.


Facing the carbon challenge with tailored pump solutionsClick to zoom 

Facing the carbon challenge with tailored pump solutions

As the global energy situation becomes more and more uncertain, the power market has been demanding clean, dependable energy from renewable sources. Sulzer combines its expertise in renewable, fossil, and nuclear power to provide complete solutions with state-of-the-art pumping technologies. Sulzer’s pumps meet the unique demands of solar-thermal, geothermal, and biomass power generation; pumped storage; and carbon capture storage.

Manufacturing polymers from renewable feedstockClick to zoom

Manufacturing polymers from renewable feedstock

Biopolymers based on renewable feedstock such as starch or cellulose from plants have started to replace conventional polymers produced from fossil fuels. Sulzer now offers a complete solution for the production of PLA (polylactic acid), which is the most promising biopolymer. Lactide monomer is polymerized in a continuous, fully integrated process using Sulzer’s proprietary heat exchanger technology and equipment (SMR™ Sulzer Mixer Reactor).

Pumping wastewater with the highest efficiencyClick to zoom

Pumping wastewater with the highest efficiency

Sulzer offers the world’s most energy-efficient submersible wastewater equipment. The Submersible Sewage Pumps Type ABS XFP is adapted to the market demands for reduced energy consumption and for lower environmental impact. It contributes to energy savings and decreased emissions of CO2, both during the manufacturing process and during the service life of the pump. Expected requirements within EU for decreased energy consumption and forthcoming legislation were taken into account in the development process.

Extending the operational lifetime of turbinesClick to zoom

Extending the operational lifetime of turbines

Many gas-turbine components experience life-limiting deterioration due to their exposure to high temperatures and corrosion. Innovative repair processes and modifications such as blade redesign and wear- and corrosion-resistant coatings result in significantly increased operational lifetimes. Maintaining efficient and cost-effective operation allows gas turbines to stay in service longer, thus improving the total environmental balance of the plant.

Replacing conventional plastics with biopolymersClick to zoom

Replacing conventional plastics with biopolymers

Sulzer reduces the carbon footprint of products by using renewable raw materials. The company introduced the GreenLine mixing system, which is based on biopolymers. The GreenLine syringe is made of up to 30% wood fibers and offers identical technical features to its full-plastic equivalent. The CO2 balance of this product is improved because the CO2 that is released during incineration is exactly the same amount that was previously absorbed in the cultivation of the organic material.

Absorbing CO2 from flue gas with less energyClick to zoom

Absorbing CO2 from flue gas with less energy

Sulzer’s new structured packing efficiently absorbs carbon dioxide from the flue gas streams of fossil-fueled power plants. Sulzer MellapakCC™ significantly reduces the column size and the pressure drop across the CO2 absorber, while giving the same separation performance as the equivalent conventional Mellapak™ or high-capacity MellapakPlus™ structured packing types. The resulting energy savings of the flue gas blower totals 4 500 000 kWh/year for a typical, medium-sized 800MW European power plant.

Increasing the efficiency of rotating equipmentClick to zoom

Increasing the efficiency of rotating equipment

Improvement in the operational efficiency of turbomachinery, generators, and motors results in power savings. Sulzer’s strong engineering competence, customized solutions, and high-tech services lead to the optimized performance of rotating equipment. Overhauls and retrofits on steam turbines, turbocompressors, and electric motors increase efficiencies. Less energy input required translates directly into reduced emissions and fuel savings.

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