Boosting Service in China's Power Market

Sulzer and the China Huadian Corporation have joined forces to boost service in the Chinese power market. The two companies formed a joint venture that will become a major player for rotating equipment service in China.


The global population is growing steadily and the mobility of those people is also on the rise. The demand for electricity is increasing twice as fast as overall energy consumption. The world will need a greatly increased energy supply within the next twenty years. Sulzer meets this need with its unique service solutions for the power market. Innovative processes and products help to reduce the operational cost of power stations, increase the reliability of rotating equipment, and extend the lifetime of important machinery such as gas turbines.

Because China is rapidly industrializing, its need for energy is constantly growing. One of China’s biggest utility companies was looking for a partner for the service of its gas turbines. China Huadian Corporation (CHD) is the leader in gas turbine fleet development in China. CHD needed a partner to help them to provide fast and flexible service for their multiple brands of gas turbines and lower total cost of ownership. CHD decided to work with Sulzer to combine the expertise of both companies and provide a single-point solution.

Sulzer provides products and services for gas turbines including parts, field service, maintenance, and overhaul services. As a specialist in component repair and component manufacturing, Sulzer also provides services and know-how for lifetime extension of the equipment from its competence center in Venlo, Netherlands. CHD‘s main businesses are the generation and supply of electricity and heat, the development of power-related primary energy (such as coal), and the supply of pertinent technological service. The joint venture offers Sulzer the unique opportunity to become a major player for rotating equipment service in China’s power market.

Facts & Figures 


Average number of gas turbine orders received and executed per year. Gas turbines have to be fired to highest possible temperatures to get the best efficiency and the highest output.

Safety walks to improve safety for customers and employees and to identify dangers before an accident happens. Safety walks are performed in manufacturing sites, service centers, and offices.

Meters of copper used in the production of coils. Sulzer is one of the leading manufacturers of high-voltage coils in the world.

Average boost in customers’ annual performance through Sulzer’s retrofit  programs for rotating equipment.

Many gas turbines installed in the 1980s are still in operation. Sulzer’s combined global service division comprises 100 service and sales sites in over 25 countries.

Copper is the main ingredient in the manufacturing of high-voltage coils, which are used in motors and generators.

From inspection and coil manufacturing to complete rotor and stator rewinds and remanufacturing, Sulzer offers a full range of services for generators, motors, and other rotating electromechanical equipment. These services focus on fossil-fired plants as well as renewable power generation.

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