An "Excellent Day" is a Safe Day

Employee safety is a priority for Sulzer. To foster a best-in-class safety culture, Sulzer launched a corporate-wide initiative in 2012 called the Safe Behavior Program. The video “An excellent day” features core behaviors of the program: observation, intervention, and responsibility.


“Safety of all employees is a key pillar of our business success. We want to be best-in-class, also in safety. This requires an eagerness to challenge, to learn, to stay lean, to do the right thing, the right way,” says Klaus Stahlmann, CEO Sulzer.

Sulzer aspires for zero accidents and incidents. The company again decreased the frequency and severity of accidents in 2012 compared to previous years. The Safe Behavior Program—a company-wide initiative—was rolled out in spring 2012 and now incorporates all Sulzer sites worldwide. New safety policies and processes have been put in place.

Assessing competencies, identifying training needs, and supporting deeper implementation are key elements of the path to a sustainable culture of safety excellence. Safety excellence shown in the video is based on core behaviors and attitudes of the program: observation, intervention, and responsibility.

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