Meeting Wastewater and Dewatering Challenges with ABS

ABS, associated with innovation and well-proven solutions for wastewater handling, is a product brand of Sulzer. Strong customer service combined with extensive application expertise in solving wastewater and dewatering challenges is the foundation of this strong global brand.



Municipal Wastewater

ABS focuses on designing product fea­tures which not only save energy but also enhance equipment reliability, thus making a big contribution to reducing your every­day operational costs and boosting overall system life cycle economy.

Within Wastewater Treatment,  ABS offers:

  • Mixers and agitators
  • Aeration Systems
  • Submersible pumps
  • Dry installed pumps

Within Wastewater Collection, ABS offers:

  • Preassurized Sewage Systems
  • Network Pumping Stations
  • Terminal Pumping Stations
  • Engineered Pumping Stations
  • Control and Monitoring equipment


Domestic and Commercial Wastewater

ABS products have the solutions for collecting wastewater from public and residential properties and transporting it into the municipal wastewater network. The ABS product range offer includes small wastewater pumps, lifting stations and prefabricated pumping stations.



ABS has products and solutions for dewatering application in almost any situations, be construction, tunnelling, ship yard, dry dock, mine or quarry. Our products, available for both purchase and rental, remove unwanted water efficiently and economically.

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