The Sulzer facility in Buchelay is designed with full manufacturing and testing capabilities according to Lean principles. The machining and assembly shops are constructed based on the newest energy saving standards.

The plant is equipped  with a testing facility for vertical and horizontal pumps up to 4 MW. It allows flows up to 15,000 m3/h and a maximum pressure of 250 bar with test pits that are 8 m deep. An extension to test particle loaded fluids is planned.

The company structure is adapted fort he French market customers and is highly specialized in nuclear market specifications

Company Sulzer Pompes France SASU
Specification France Factory
Address 1 rue de l’innovationMantes Innovaparc78200 BuchelayFrance
Phone +33 1 34 77 72 00
Fax +33 1 34 77 72 16
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