Computational fluid dynamics

Fluid Dynamics

Analyzing and predicting fluid flows is essential to many Sulzer activities. Sulzer engineers have extensive knowledge in the field of fluid dynamics, which helps to continuously improve the efficiency of products.


A large number of activities at Sulzer involve fluid flows, for instance, water, oil, gas, vapor, steam, and even plasma flows for the application of coatings. Sulzer has an extensive knowledge in the field of fluid technology and develops many of its products with the help of computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

A strong focus is on simulations of multiphase flows, mixing and separation processes as well as on flows in rotating machinery. A good understanding of thermal management improves the energy efficiency of products.

Computational fluid dynamics is an indispensable analysis and design tool, which allows Sulzer engineers to predict and analyze fluid flows during the entire product design process, and within product development.

Examples of fluid-dynamics applications:

  • Optimization of pump impellers and volutes
  • Performance predictions of multiphase flow pumps
  • Optimization of internals of separation columns
  • Analysis of the mixing quality and pressure losses in static mixers

Streamlines in a double-flow, two-stage centrifugal pump

Investigation of the mixing behavior in a static turbulent mixer

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