Light Wastewater Pump Type ABS MF 154HW

The MF 154HW is a compact submersible hot water pump for the removal of domestic and commercial high temperature wastewater.


  • The MF 154HW, a hot water pump equipped with vortex hydraulics for blockage-free pumping in applications where the temperature of the medium exceeds the standard upper limit (40 °C) to a maximum allowable temperature of 80 °C.
  • This compact, robust hot water pump is fitted with a water tight, fully flood-proof cast iron motor and a hydraulics section

Main benefits

  • Maximum allowable temperature is 80 °C
  • Passage of solids up to 20 mm
  • Compact shape, fittings for easy mounting, and small sump requirements enable a quick and cost-effective installation
  • Designed to cover a wide range of internal and external dewatering applications
  • Primarily where the temperature of the medium exceeds the standard upper limit

Main applications

  • Pumping of high temperature discharge water from laundries, commercial dishwashers and washing machines.
  • Filling and emptying of containers, drainage of flooded cellars and removal of rainwater.
  • Suitable for use in septic tanks and pumping effluent from locations below the backwash level in accordance with
    EN 12056.
  • The vortex hydraulics are particularly suitable for the pumping of fluids containing gaseous or abrasive particles.
  • Can be used in Lifting Station Type ABS Sanimax

Main design features

  • Thermal sensors
  • Oil-lubricated mechanical seal medium side; oil-lubricated lip seal at motor side 
  • Stainless steel rotor shaft supported in lubricated-for-life ball bearings
  • Easy fit plug-in cable connection, fitted with Schukoplug

Key characteristics


9 m3/h


7.8 m


80 °C
Discharge sizes
G 1 ½“ internal – 1 ¼“ adaptor
Maximum speed of rotation
2,900  min-1
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