Light Drainage Pump Type ABS Robusta

The Robusta 200 and 300 models are plug-in, submersible pumps designed to remove wastewater containing solids up to 10mm.


  • The pump and motor section form a pressure-tight encapsulated unit which is fully flood-proof.
  • The motor housing is made of corrosion-resistant material, and the outer jacket and impeller of durable plastics.
  • The unique hand/auto switch makes the pump suitable for both manual and automatic operation.

Main benefits

  • Fitted with automatic level control
  • Supplied with built-in check valve
  • 10 m cable with Schuko plug
  • Suitable for small sumps from 300x300 mm
  • Detachable suction ring. When fitted into the screen, enables pumping down to 3 mm

Main applications

  • Fecal-free wastewater
  • Drainage of pits and flooded cellars

Main design features

  • Thermal sensors
  • Three lip seals lubricated by a grease chamber
  • Protection type IP 68
  • Stainless steel rotor shaft supported in lubricated-for-life ball bearings
  • 60 Hz version available with approval (UL, CSA)

Key characteristics


Up to 12 m3/h / 52 US gpm


8.5 m / 28 ft


40°C up to 60°C / 104°f up to 140°F

Discharge sizes G 1¼”

Maximum speed of rotation

2,900 rpm

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