Submersible Recirculation Pump Type ABS RCP

The RCP is specifically designed for pumping and recirculation of activated sludge in the denitrification/nitrification process of a wastewater treatment plants. This compact and easy-to-handle pump is efficient and reliable.


RCP pumps are designed for large flows and low heads between 0.1 and 1.8 m (4 to 71 in). Compared to conventional axial flow pumps, recirculation pumps do not require expensive structures in the tank, such as inflow chamber and a large rising pipe .

The unit is lowered along a guide tube and connected to the pipeline by an automatic coupling system.

Main benefits

  • Compact design
  • High efficiency
  • High reliability
  • Easy handling

Main applications

  • Recirculation of activated sludge

Main design features

  • Full stainless steel version (optional)
  • Self-cleaning propeller
  • Silicon carbide (SiC/SiC) mechanical seal protected by means of solid deflection ring
  • Condition monitoring (temperature, water ingress)
  • 100 000 hour bearing lifetime

Key characteristics

50 Hz/60 Hz

Max. flow

4,500 m³/h (20,000 US gpm)

Max. head

1.8 m (6 ft)
Discharge sizes
DN 250, DN 400, DN 500, DN 800
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