Submersible Drainage Pump XJ 110

The submersible drainage pump XJ 110 with head max of 52 meters and flow max of 54 l/s, is ideal for pumping water and dirty water mixed with light abrasives. Pumps with built in AquaTronic unit will always have correct direction of impeller rotation, ensuring peak performance and reduced wear.



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Main benefits

  • Plug-and-pump installation
    Plug in without worrying about overheating. Built-in contactor and thermal sensors protects the motor from overheating. Pumps with a built-in AquaTronic unit will electronically adjust for incorrect phase order, ensuring correct impeller rotation.
  • Reliable and trouble-free operation
    A double outer casing and good heat convection allows continuous operation at low water levels – or dry running – without motor damage. The pump design, robust construction and premium materials ensure high wear resistance.
  • Serviceability
    The modular design of the pump range saves cost by ensuring maximum pump availability with a smaller spare parts inventory. The condition of a pump with a built-in AquaTronic unit can rapidly be checked without disassembly, using its service software.
  • Saves energy and the environment
    The high-efficiency motor and hydraulics are combined with low friction bearings to reduce power losses. You achieve low total energy costs and minimize your carbon footprint. Environmentally safe white oil is used in the oil casing for easy inspection of seal conditions.

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XJ 110 Curve 50Hz

Product information

Submersible Drainage Pump XJ 110 – 50Hz  


XJ 110 ND medium head 3-phas
XJ 110 ND AT* medium head 3-phase
XJ 110 HD high head 3-phase
XJ 110 HD AT* high head 3-phase
Weight: 81 kg (without cable)
*AquaTronic: Built in electronic pump control.


 Electric submersible pump 
Maximum submergence

20 m

Protection class IP 68
Max. temperature of pumped medium at max. power input and continuous duty 40ºC
Max. medium density 1.100 kg/m3
pH of the pumped medium 5-8
Strainer hole 7.5 x 22 mm
Max number of starts 30/hour
Motor rating P2 11.8 kW
Speed 2920 rpm
Power cable 20 m type H07RN8-F

Starting Method and Motor Protection

XJ 110 AT: Direct on line start (DOL 500-550 V) with built in AquaTronic unit, which automatically adjusts phase order by dual contactors, ensuring correct motor rotation. Soft start (400 V) is built in with the AquaTronic unit, where three thyristors reduces start current to three times the nominal current. Here two relays ensure correct motor rotation. The AquaTronic unit monitors motor temperature, by use of NTC thermistors built into stator windings, and stops the motor at high temperature. It will also stop the motor at high amperage or if a phase is missing
XJ 110: Direct on line start with built in contactor. Pumps to be used with VFD or 1000 V must have terminal block instead of contactor. Thermal switches (140 °C, ±5) built into the stator windings are connected to the contactor and stop the pump at high temperature.

Discharge Connections  

3” (standard HD), 4” (standard ND), 6” hose connections
3”, 4”, 6" G/B.S.P. threaded connections

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