Submersible Drainage Pump J 205

The submersible drainage pump J 205 with head max of 72 meters and flow max of 102 l/s, is ideal for pumping water and dirty water mixed with light abrasives. The low weight and compact design ensure convenient transport, handling, and installation.



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Main benefits

  • Easy start – plug in without worrying about overheating
    Built-in contactor connected to the thermal sensors protects the motor from overheating.
  • Wear resistance - one investment for years of cost-efficient pumping
    Impeller in high chrome alloy steel ensures a long lifetime and high efficiency.
  • Reliable operation - minimizes maintenance time
    Double outer casing and good heat convection enable pump to operate continuously at low levels or even run dry without damaging the motor.
  • Serviceability - save time and money with easy on-site service
    Modular design lowers overall service costs. By removing the top cover of the pump you can easily check the electrical junction box. Environmentally safe white oil is used in the oil casing for easy inspection of seal conditions.

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Cut-through of J


J 205 Curve 50Hz

Product information

Submersible Drainage Pump J 205 - 50Hz 


J 205 ND medium head 3~

J 205 HD high head 3~

Weight: 155 kg


Electric submersible pump 

Maximum submergence

20 m

Protection class

IP 68

Max. temperature of pumped medium at max. power input and continuous duty


Max. medium density

1100 kg/m3

pH of the pumped medium


Strainer hole

8 x 34 mm

Max number of starts


Motor rating P2

21.0 kW


2910 rpm

Power cable

20 m type H07RN8-F

Motor Protection

Built-in thermal switches in the stator windings (140ºC, ±5), connected to built-in contactor, SoftDrive or to separate control box.

DI leakage sensor as option, but not in combination with built-in contactor or SoftDrive

Discharge Connections

4” (standard HD), 6” (standard ND), 8” hose connections

4”, 6”, 8” B.S.P. threaded connections

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