Enhanced Deck High Performance Trays

Sulzer’s proprietary high performance trays combine special tray decks for superior vapor capacity with state-of-the-art downcomer technology. They are ideal for column revamp applications and for decreasing the size of new towers.


MVG™ Trays

  • Mini V-Grid trays use smaller valves than the conventional SVG valve 
  • Provide up to 20% higher capacity compared to standard sieve or valve trays 
  • Deliver higher efficiency and lower pressure drop per theoretical stage 
  • Have a turndown ratio of 3:1

MMVG™ Trays

  • Micro V-Grid trays use smallest available valve size 
  • Offer an additional 7% higher capacity compared to MVG 
  • Are used at extremely high vapor loads

UFM™ valve Trays

UFM™ is a floating valve which maximizes the hydraulic capacity of a fractionation tray and the operating range.

Functional features

  • UFM™ is a mini-floating type of valve 
  • UFM™ provides up to 20% additional capacity compared to conventional sieve and valve trays 
  • UFM™ has at least the same operating range as a conventional floating valve 
  • Minimizes weeping due to lateral vapor release 
  • UFM™ valves are oriented parallel to liquid flow direction 
  • The rectangular shape of the legs prevents spinning and wearing 
  • UFM™ is equipped with four dimples to prevent sticking to the tray deck and to enhance fouling resistance 
  • UFM™ can be combined with upgraded downcomer technology to achieve maximum tray performance and turndown

Fields of application

UFM™ trays are mainly used in applications requiring both high performances and a wide operating range, particularly:

  • High-pressure columns in gas fields 
  • Light ends columns in refinery and petrochemical plants.

UFM™ tray deck

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